Come to Landmark Preservation Commission Hearing and Save Anderson House

Please Attend the Hearing to Save the Historic Anderson House
In twcropped-2329-eliot-72-3872-1.jpgo weeks, the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission will rule on whether the historic Anderson House has enough historic importance to be designated a landmark by Denver City Council. Your attendance, and potential testimony, is crucial to ensuring the Commission saves the ‘grande dame’ of Denver’s Jefferson Park. Please attend the hearing on Oct. 6 at 1 p.m. in the Webb Building, Room 4.F.6, and prepare for what will be a battle to save a part of Denver’s character and history. Sign up to attend or speak:

You Will Make a Difference

The developer looking to destroy the home has already shown he will rig the system by stacking votes, and together we can and must be prepared to bring the real Denver residents to the hearing to stop him from doing it again. The developer recently stacked a neighborhood association meeting with business associates housed from his office building to win a vote to destroy the Anderson House. As noted by Denver Real Estate Watch: “Many of those who voted to not support the designation share the same address of Denver-based Adams Development, which is trying to buy the house… .” Your presence or testimony will show that the community supports the preservation of the Anderson House and the history it represents. Your presence will make all the difference. If you plan to attend, or can help in other ways, please sign up:

Other Ways to Help

If you can not attend, there are other ways that you can help:

This may be the last chance to preserve the historic Anderson House for the future. Please come tell developers that we care about the history and character of the neighborhoods we call home. Take action to develop our communities in a way that is respectful of the past. Come to the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission hearing Oct. 6, 2015 at 1 p.m. in Room 4.F.6 of the Webb Building! Sign up now:

Thank you for your commitment.

In preservation,

Preserve the Anderson House

Preserve the Anderson House